Before settling in Canada, I was working as a nurse in Poland, which is where I was born. Since early childhood I have enjoyed drawing and painting but was not given the chance to pursue these creative arts.

Six years ago I moved from a large city, where I pursued other careers, to the small village of Tamworth, Ontario. It was here that I discovered my passion for glass mosaic art. After taking my first class and amidst the beautiful nature in my small town, I became a glassoholic. The art of transforming many small colourful pieces of glass into a painting strikes me as magic. 

Stained glass is a wonderful medium for me and I am always inspired by the endless colours, reflections, textures, and vibrancy of the pieces. From sunrise to sunset the colours change and I am delighted how glass captures the light and plays it in a thousand different ways. 

Stained Glass Mosaic Art

The technique that is used is called GOG or glass on glass. Each piece of stained glass is cut individually then glued to a solid base of glass and grounded. These pieces are typically cut into shapes using special tools such as glass cutters, nippers, running pliers, a wheel cutter and glass grinder.

Each project is a new challenge and takes many hours to complete. When designing each piece I do not use a pattern, the design is spontaneously created freehand. I just sketch the picture I have in mind, then experiment with colours and shapes of glass to achieve the effect I want. 

Each project is as exciting as a blank canvas that invites me to paint with small coloured glass. When I make a mosaic I want to capture feeling, space and emotion in my work.

My Inspiration

In mosaics I am drawn towards nature and am inspired by great artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Claud Monet and the Group of Seven. I want to bring to the viewer a moment of joy and serenity.

Creating stained glass mosaic art requires patience, determination and a steady supply of band-aids, but the joy of a new creation is amazing!

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream”

Vincent Van Gogh